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Vu+ IR300 RCU

The remote control is full-sized, with conveniently and logically located buttons. All keys are rubber, they are distinguished by soft, but clear pressing. Unusual - the remote control is "powered" by a pair of AA batteries (not AAA, as usual). You don't need to configure anything to use, just install the batteries and use. This remote is compatible with ALL Vu + receiver models.

How to switch the operation mode of the remote control to control the old Vu + models (Solo, Uno, Duo)?
Press the "STB Power" and "OK" buttons until the red LED on the remote turns on.
Then dial: 00001 and press "OK"

Interfrace: IR
Power: 2xAA batteries (included)
Compatibility: Vu + Solo, Solo SE, Solo2, Uno, Uno SE, Zero, Duo, Duo2, Ultimo, Zero 4K, Uno 4K, Uno 4K SE, Solo 4K, Duo 4K, Ultimo 4K

Price: 23 EUR