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emme esse 2160UCL

Logarithmic - periodic antennas generally have extremely linear frequency response, excellent front/rear signal ratio, and radiation pattern with greatly reduced lateral lobes.
Research, development and innovation. Three keywords that underlie the unprecedented Stub filter for logarithmic - periodic antennas, with the European patent EmmeEsse. Thanks to the innovative filter technology, which is mechanically integrated directly into the antenna, it is possible to obtain excellent parameters optimized for operation only in the frequency band of interest.
The patented system (Emme Esse patents) of the F-connector enables the best use of the electrical characteristics of the antennas, focusing on minimum attenuation and eliminating signal line continuity interruptions due to traditional terminal connections. The antennas are made of special aluminum alloy, they are in basic surface treatment and are delivered completely assembled.

The 2160UCL antenna from the renowned Italian manufacturer Emme Esse is designed to receive television and radio on channels 21 to 60 with suppression of reception over channel 60 (interfering with mobile Internet signals in the LTE band).

Technical parameters :

- receiving frequency : 474 - 778MHz
- channels : 21 - 60
- number of elements : 28
- gain (VHF / UHF band) : 11dB
- anterior-posterior ratio : 30dB
- main beam width in H plane : 55 °
- output impedance : 75 ohms at connector F
- mechanical load of the mast at a wind speed of 120 km/h : 2,7 kg
- weight : 0,85 kg
- length : 1100 mm

Price: 17 EUR