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Terra MT-41

Double sideband modulator MT-41 has a microprocessor control - the choice of output channel is performed with two buttons (after opening the top cover). The channel number or any changeable parameter is displayed on the LED display and stored in non-volatile memory. Use of quartz-stabilized PLL practically eliminates frequency error. There is a possibility to protect the modulator against unauthorized change of the preset parameters.
The modulators can be connected in cascade. Their RF signals can be combined with terrestrial TV channels (it requires to match the levels of terrestrial TV signals with the RF output levels of the modulators, as well as to ensure adequate frequency spacing).
In comparison to the previous series, these Terra modulators can provide compatibility with many versions of the PAL system.
Adjustment options:
- video carrier frequency,
- RF output level,
- audio subcarrier frequency,
- A/V ratio,
- standard deviation (+/-50 kHz) of audio carrier for input level 150-775 mV
The modulators can be successfully used both in home antenna installations as well as in small-sized MATV systems. Meticulous quality control in Terra company makes these devices virtually failure-free.

Price: 35 EUR