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VU+ DUO 2 (2x DVB-S2 tuner)

Vu+ Duo2 CPU and Ram

The Vu+ Duo2 will have a dual core 1300 MHz CPU which of course means fast booting. Also included is plenty of ram with 2 GB and 1 GB Flash. PiP is not a problem even with HD channels!

Vu+ Duo2 3.2″ Graphical Color LCD front display

A brand new feature on Vu+ Duo2 is the 3.2″ Graphical Color LCD screen on the front of the receiver. We expect to see many uses for this: channel logos, weather forecasts, etc.

Vu+ Duo2 Built in WiFi and GigaBit Ethernet port

The Vu+ Duo2 will be easy to connect to your home network and the Internet. It will have built in WiFi with no need to use an external USB WiFi adapter.

As is the case with the Vu+ Solo 2, the new Vu+ Duo2 will also offer a GigaBit Ethernet port.

2 x Pluggable tuners

The Vu+ Duo2 will offer you 2 tuner slots on the mainboard to accomodate DVB-S2, DVB-C and DVB-T tuners. We hope and expect the Vu+ DVB-S2 twin tuner module to be supported making it possible to have more than 2 tuners.

Vu+ Duo2 ports and connections

On the front

2 x Common Interface ports

2 x Card readers

1 x USB

On the rear

1 x HDMI 1.4

1 x Scart

1 x ypbpr component

1 x composite

RCA audio out

Optical audio out

Ethernet Gigabit

2 x USB 2.0

1 x e-Sata

1 x RS232

Fan holes

On/off Switch

Price: 350 EUR

Technical specification:

Basic specification
Processor Broadcom 7424
Processor type 1.3 GHz (3K + DMIPS)
Display Color TFT LCD graphic VFD Display 256×64 Pixels
Memory Controller Dual 32-bit DDR3
Memory 1 GB
SATA/eSATA 1x / 1x
Internal Hard Drive 2,5 – 3,5″
Linux Kernel 3.x Yes
Tuner fix/plug - / 2x
PiP/Bild in Bild SD/SD H/W PIP
PiP/Bild in Bild HD/HD H/W PIP
Playback of HD (720p) Xvid/AVI – contents Yes
Loop tuner Yes
Number of optional USB tuners 2
Cooler / Fan active / -
Remote Control Universal (Sat/TV)
Common Interface 2
Smartcard Reader 2
USB 2.0 2+1
Image/Firmware via USB Yes
Flashing query Yes
Lan/WLan 100Mbit / Optional via USB
HDMI CEC Control Yes
Dolby Digitla Plus Yes
3D Mode (Side by Side / Top & Bottom) Yes
3D Themes Yes
Blindscan Yes
WebBrowser Yes