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Inverto dishes, manufactured with our advanced, high precision technology, continue to uphold our market leading tradition of unparalleled durability, quality and performance that has come to be associated with our brand.

Inverto dishes undergo an extremely thorough anti-corrosive process and polyester coating to prevent long-term corrosion. They are manufactured with advanced high precision tools to ensure durability and optimal reception-performance (SDTV and HDTV/DVB-S2).

Available models:

1. IDLB-STCF60-KULGO-LPS 60cm steel Ku off-set dish antenna with Easy-fix arm

2. IDLB-STCF80-KULGO-LPS 80cm steel Ku off-set dish antenna with Easy-fix arm

3. IDLB-STCF90-KULGO-LPS 90cm steel Ku off-set dish antenna with Easy-fix arm

Main features:

•Simple and quick to install
•Lasting quality - durable parts and solid construction
•High quality uniform surface with anti corrosion coating
•Perfect reception quality with high gain across the band
•Bulk or single packaging

Price: 29 EUR

Technical specification:

Type Offset
Offset Angle 26 °
Reception Frequency Range 10.70 ~12.75 GHz
Antenna Gain (Ku-Band) 37 dBi ~38 dBi
Material Steel
Finish Coat Polyester Powder Coating
Small Axis Diameter 70 cm
Long Axis Diameter 78 cm
LNB Holder Diameter 40ø mm
F/D 0.6
LNB Arm Aluminium
Operational Temp. -40 °C ~ + 60°C
Operation Wind 90 km/H
Survival Wind 150 km/H

Material Galvanized Steel
Finish Coat (Optional) Polyester Powder Coating
Azimuth Alignment 0° ~360°
Elevation Alignment 0° ~90°

Logistical Information
Reflector Weight 2 kg
Mount Set Weight 1.55 kg
Complete Dish Set Weight 3.55 kg
  • IG-60.80.90_dishes(EnVS191110)_1.pdf

  • SP-HOME Pro Dishes(EnV210512).pdf