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Triax TD-88

Offset satellite dish Triax TD- 88 is designed to receive signals from satellites in the range of 10.7-12.75 GHz. The main advantage of antennas Triax is galvanic corrosion-resistant coating mirrors and suspension , which significantly extends the life of the antenna. Mirror material - a special steel alloy that provides mechanical strength and allows you to save the geometry of the mirror. Colouring mirror is made with powder coating with fusion , which helps prevent the influence of salt spray in coastal areas, the chemical effects of industrial emissions , the action of ultraviolet and seasonal temperatures drop . Satellite dish Triax TD 88 has the original aluminum folding holder converter that significantly reduces its weight and facilitates assembly and configuration of satellite antennas .

Price: 26 EUR

Technical specification:

Antenna type: offset;
Overall size of the mirror, mm: 950x850;
Coating material: powder paint, white / gray / black / red;
Operating range: 10.7-12.75 GHz;
The gain at the frequency of 11.7 GHz: 38.8 dB;
Width osnovonom lobe: 2,0 °;
The deviation of the angle of elevation: 26 °;
The ratio F / D: 0,6;
Recommended diameter mast antenna mounting: 32 ... 60 mm;
Adjust the elevation range: 5 ... 50 °
Functionality at wind speed up to 42 m / s;
Weight antenna assembled: 5.0kg.