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Orton HD AX-305

The representative of the budget segment digital satellite receivers to receive high-definition channels from AX305 HD brand Orton.

Orton AX305 HD is based on the integrated circuit Ali M3601S with productive 32-bit RISC-processor.

On the background of a very affordable price receiver has good technical and functional capabilities. The front part of the receiver is equipped with a four-digit 7-segment display (to save than usual), buttons: a translation of the receiver into standby mode and switch channels. Has two LEDs - "Power" and "Signal".

On the back side are: LNB input for connecting the signal from the satellite dish; Conax card reader for access cards paid TV operators, digital and analog audio / video output HDMI and SCART respectively coaxial digital audio output S / PDIF; USB 2.0 interface for connecting hard drives , memory drives and other devices.
No network Ethernet port compensated support USB WI-FI adapter for wireless network connectivity and Internet access.

To listen to music, watch video and image files, get the latest weather forecast and play video games allow to pass the time until the TV or during commercials.

Receiver is powered from an external power supply 12V DC.

Price: 44 EUR