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Openbox® SX9 Combo HD - satellite, terrestrial and cable TV, recording to the HDD and only one RCU.ReCEiver OPENBOX SX9 Combo HD not only satellite and terrestrial, but also cable, capable of receiving digital cable television standard DVB-C. CI + slots are ready to accept all popular modern modules operators.
Inside the system it is possible to install a 2.5 "HDD SATA. To do this, the supplied embedded bracket, cable, screw. Begin installing the hard disk inside the case is recommended to connect it to a SATA port on the trail of the motherboard, as it would be in the hard drive. The disc itself is not installed at the factory.
When you select the CD is to proceed from the fact that 1 hour of recording video takes 2-4Gb depending on the quality of the broadcast, a total of 1TB to disk can fit 200-400 hours of recordings.
The prefix is designed for disks 2,5 "SATA (such as installed on laptops.) They are small in size and weight, and most importantly - run quietly and emit little heat.
To insert a disc, the bundle includes a special cable SATA + Power, metal bracket and screws.
Removing the top cover of the receiver's hard disk is recommended to check with the seller of the receiver at the time of purchase or the service center. This is due to a violation of the warranty sticker.
Remote Control Universal, trained. Complete with batteries AAA.Eto convenient device with ergonomically selected and conveniently located buttons. Displayed when you click one of the buttons backlit STB, TV, DVD.
If you need to control this remote control other electronic devices, it can be taught. Methods of Teaching and table service codes for other devices available in the Guide to relatively user-supplied network cables and the power cable HDMI.
Digital Combo HD receiver OPENBOX SX9 Combo HD is suitable for the reception, comfortable viewing with the ability to record and timeshift digital satellite, terrestrial, cable, IP television, radio, media, Internet-based services. With receiver OPENBOX SX9 Combo HD can confidently conclude contracts on the official view with providers of pay satellite, cable and terrestrial television, which provide or sell CAM modules with access cards.

The main features of Openbox® SX9 Combo HD:
• The latest chipsets STMicroelectronis STiH254
• The ability to install a hard drive SATA 2,5 "up to 1TB or SSD storage
• Receiving a packet broadcasting format Multistream (including operator "Zeonbud")
• Modern DDR3 memory a large amount of
• Support CI + (which guarantees work with modules NTV Plus and Tricolor TV)
• Internal menu with HD resolution
• Advanced Mode "Picture in Picture" (PIP)
• "Blind Search" transponders
• Support for USB-WiFi module (dongle) to connect to wireless networks
• Compatible with 3G modems
• Play movies in DivX (XviD)
• View JPEG photos in high resolution up to 1080p
• Easy MP3 music player
• Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV)
• DLNA to share multimedia content in a network
• Supports a variety of network protocols and NAS drives
• Streaming video (strimming) and remote control AirTivi + (for iOS and other devices)
• Torrent Player and IPTV
• VOD services Free TV + (video on demand)
• Online Broadcast TV Portal +
• Services Internet Radio and Prognosis
• Read the News in RSS, Google Maps and Facebook
• Kartina TV - Russian reception of channels without an antenna anywhere in the world
• Web-browser with advanced features
• Ability to install additional programs (plug-ins)
• Automatic software updates via the Internet
• Full and qualitative localization for the CIS market and the EU

Price: 159 EUR

Technical specification:

Specifications and features of the receiver.

1 2 built-in tuner (DVB-S / S2 and DVB-T2 / T / C).
2 Reception of channels of satellite DVB-S / S2, essential DVB-T2 / T and DVB-C cable TV.
3 2 interface CI + (CI) to connect the CAM modules with access cards.
4 2 card reader to connect the access card.
Processor 5 STiH254 650 MHz.
6 SDRAM RAM 512 Mb DDR3, flash memory Flash ROM 256 Mb.
7 on Linux.
8 Ability to connect an internal 2,5 "HDD SATA.
9 Universal Learning Remote Control (code table devices attached).
10 4-port USB 2.0.
Optional support for 11 USB Wi-Fi adapters and USB 3G / 4G modems.
12 The presence of interfaces HDMI v1.4 / 3RCA / YPbPr / SCART / SPDIF.
13 Supported protocols DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, USALS.
14 Support for broadcasting Multi PLP.
15 Support EPG and HbbTV.
16 Support for a large number of Internet services (weather, RSS, and others.).
17 Recording programs on internal (SATA), external (USB) and remote local area network drives.
18 Play the most popular formats of media files from the internal, external and remote local area network drives
19 Support for Kartina TV, Torrent TV, YouTube TV, IP TV.
20 Maximum power consumption during operation 50 watts.
21 Maximum power consumption in standby mode 0.5 watts.
22 Weight 1.6 kg without HDD.
23 Ambient temperature at which permitted Operation 0 ° C - + 45 ° C.
24 Ambient temperature at which permits the storage of -10 ° C - + 70 ° C.
25 Dimensions LxWxH 300h260h60 mm.