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POCKET POWER 6000T LED Solar Energy Pocket Power

1. Features of solar power charger

1.The solar mobile charger is the device of transferring the sun light power into electrical power

2.the solar panel is stored in the built in 5000mA/h Lithium battery

3.can charge your mobile phoen,digital camera,MP3,MP4 and other digital products by solar power

4.The AC charger is designed for continual overcast days when there is no sunlight

5.Is the ideal backup power supply for business trip,traveling, long distance journey,wildness working

2. Charging of the kits as below:

1.By grid electricity (AC100V-240V) or computer USB to the built-in lithium battery for recharging, when charging the light will in green, while fully charged the light will be off.It takes about 5.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

2. By Sun energy,Place the solar charger under direct sunshine to charge the battery, when charging the light will in green, while fully charged the light will be off.It takes about 16 hours to fully charge the battery.

3. Usage:

The fully recharged built-in battery can be powered to the Iphone, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3,, MP4 and digital products. Connection with a rechargeable solar charger and cell phone or digital camera, MP3, MP4 and so on digital products,then can be charged, the charging indicator will lights red

4. Note:

This product has internal protection circuit,can protect circuit when there is overload or short circuit,and stop theoutput voltage automatic. There are two ways to relieve the protection:

1 Seconds charging under AC100V-240V electricity.

2 Under sunshine for minutes

Price: 22 EUR

Technical specification:

Battery type Li-polymer
Capacity 5000mAh
Input DC 5V/800mAh
Output DC 5.5V/1000mAh
Dimension 123*63*14mm
Charging speed for mobile 500mAh/hours Max
Output interface Lightning
Input interface Micro
Charging cable Micro USB
Audio Play Up to 80h

Video Play Up to 50h