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Tiviar Alpha Plus

Tiviar Alpha Plus is a triple tuner receiver from Korean manufacture Fortis. It comes equipped with 2 x DVB-S2 tuners + DVB T/T2/C. Tiviar Alpha Plus stands out from the crowd because of its artistic front with its two curved leds in the center. One of these is actually the standby button. The front has a clear 12 digit alphanumeric display which is easy to read.Great selection of connections no much more you can ask for here. As you can see on the picture of the Tiviar rear there is a fan mounted at the back. It is not a noisy fan so should not be a problem but in a totally quiet room it can be noticed.Great to see Tiviar offering a USB WIFI as well as the GigaBit wired port.The included remote fits quite nice in the hand with the buttons sensibly positioned and with a comfortable size. It is very responsive and great to see dedicated Picture in Picture buttons which makes you want to use this feature more.

The Tiviar Alpha Plus Remote also can act as a Universal remote for controlling your tv. Codes for these are in the user guide.The Tiviar Alpha Plus is not a Enigma 2 based receiver so you will not be searching down different websites for third party image images. In fact there is no need to download new software for the box on a PC and doing updates via USB as this receiver supports updating over directly via the Internet.Everything is pretty tidy inside and nicely separated.

Installing a hard drive is quite easy. All the necessary screws and cables are included. The hard drive must be a 2.5″ sata hard drive.he setup guide is pretty easy. As there are no preinstalled channellists scanning takes a while. Scanning must be done separately for each tuner type. There is support for DiSEqC 1.0,1.1,1.2 and USALS as well as UniCable.

Booting speed

As we hoped the Tiviar Alpha Plus is really fast. Booting a full feature Image including Hbb-TV support and everything is done in 33 seconds which is on par with the fastest Enigma based receivers.The Tiviar has a iOS similar icon based menu look. It is customizable by order and further contents which you can access from the expanded menu by pressing arrow up. For some reason the settings menu is separated and has a different look but after a short time you get used the the controls pretty easily.he EPG information can be viewed both in a timeline and regular list view which is great. While you are viewing the EPG you still have the tv channel showing in a small window.

Picture/tuner quality, zapping speed and Picture in Picture

The picture quality is great on this receiver and has a max output resolution of 1080p.

Channel zapping is very fast on DVB-S2 perhaps a bit slower for DVB-T2/C and if you are using a CI+ cam you can expect to having to wait a while but that is common for all CI+ receivers.
Tiviar must be commended for their iOS app for both iPhone and iPad. With the Air Tivi+ you are able to control your receiver from you iOS device, view the EPG information and setting up recordings.

Streaming tv from the receiver via this app is also supported but did not work at the time of our testing. We have been informaed that a fix should be ready within a week.

If you are using Android devices you will be pleased to hear that Tiviar is almost ready with an app for this platform.

Tiviar Alpha Plus Conclusion

The Tiviar Alpha Plus offers an attractive alternative to the Enigma 2 based receivers and includes support for DVB-T2 and CI+ which mostly are lacking on Enigma2 based devices.

Tiviar offers a strong receiver with powerful hardware and support for the latest technologies. The Tiviar has fast booting and channel zapping and supports Gigabit Ethernet and Hbb-TV.

The receiver seems stable even at this early stage we did see an issue with watching recordings while they were still being recorded and hopefully the iOS app will soon support streaming tv.

Price: 99 EUR

Technical specification:

Key Features on the Tiviar Alpha Plus:
1300 MHz CPU dual core
512MB Flash / 1GB DDR3 DRAM
Option to fit Internal SATA HDD 2.5″
Dual Card readers
Dual CI+ Ports
Front Display 12 digit display
GigaBit Ethernet
HD PiP is possible
iPad and iPhone App
On the back we find these connections:
2 x LNB in
1 x LNB loop through output
1 x DVB-T2/C in
1 x Antenna out
Optical digital audio out
Composite video and analogue audio out
Component video out
1x scart
GigaBit Ethernet port
3 x USB
1 x eSata
Serial RS-232 port
Power connector and switch

The Alpha plus is delivered with:
Power Supply
Remote with batteries included
1 x HDMI cable
1 x LNB loop cable
1 x USB WiFI Adapter
Fitting Screws for internal PVR
  • Manual_Tiviar_Alpha Plus.pdf