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Opticum Spotter-SF4 HD Satellite Finder, DVB-S2

This is a microprocessor controlled unit that will accurately find and display your satellite signal. You can easily create and save your own costume satellite parameters.

The Smart Tracker is DVB and DVBS2 approved. This unit will work in any part of the world!

Main Menu:

1. Find Satellites
2. List Built In and Saved Satellites
3. Add Satellite
4. Edit Satellites
5. Add Satellite Transponder Up to 10 Per satellite.
6. Edit Satellite Transponder
7. Features:

Fully customize your satellites
Edit and create Satellite Parameters, Frequency,Symbol Rate, V/H Polarity, 22Khz on Off, DiSEqC, LO
Compatible with DVB-S2/DVB-S QPSK and 8PSK
Fast Micro-Processor Controlled unit
Manually enter and save Satellites and Parameters
LCD Display signal Strength and Quality
Support 0/22KHz control
Support DieEqc 1.0 control 1,2,3,4
Volt Polarity 13 or 18 volts.
Unit can be power by receiver or with AC power supply (included). Portable Battery power pack also available.
Accurately Identifies satellite signals, signal quality and signal level.
LNB Connecting Port
Receiver Connecting Port
Buzzer Control Key, for signal alert tone
LCD Graphic Display with build in back-light
Supports MPEG2 and MPEG4
Calculate satellite dish pointing angle.

Price: 45 EUR

Technical specification:

Frequency Range 950~2150MHz
Input Level Range -65~25 dBm
Symbol Rate 1~45 Msps
Input impedance 75 Ohm
Output impedance 75 Ohm
Power supply DC 13-18v
Operating range 52 - 60dB