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Toroidal T90

Toroidal T90 Dish
The aerial for signal reception in sector 40-60 of degrees.
This item was developed using a Toroidal Formula, While other existing satellite dish apply the Parabolic Formula. Signals are reflected twice through the main reflector and then the sub reflector.

The T90 captures each Satellite signal at the equivalent strength of a 90cm single LNBF Dish. LNBF Skew can be optimised and switching satellites is instant

Price: 123 EUR

Technical specification:

The basic characteristics:
- The main Reflector (109 sm at width, in height of 97 sm)
- A reflector (84 sm at width, in height of 36 sm)
- LNB Distance approximately: 3,0 ° (depends on type LNB)
- Frequencies of reception of a signal: from 10,7 to 12,75 GHz
- Aerial strengthening (approximately): 39,7 dB +/-0,45 dB on 12,5 GHz
- A maximum quantity of converters: to 16 pieces
- A material: Steel .
- Colour dark grey.