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DiSEqC 1.2 & USALS compliant
Metalic Gear Design
Drive dishes up to 140cm
Power through one single coaxial cable
Zero-Backlash Design for the highest precision

Metallic Gears
DiSEqC 1.2 signal control
Compatible Receiver: Receiver with DiSEqC 1.2 or Interface Box
F-type Connection
Antenna Size Max 140 cm
Speed: 1.9° / sec (at 13V), 2.5° / sec (at 18V)
Elevation Angle: 25 ~ 75°
Input/Output Voltage: 13/18 V DC
Power Consumption: 50mA (Stand-by), 200mA (Normal), 350mA (Max.)
Satellite Positions: 60 positions
Azimuth Angle: 80° East ~ 80° West
Calibration Function: Yes ( Go to 0°)
Goto X Function
Manual East/West Buttons
Indicating Led (2 Colors)
Limit Protection: 1. Adjustable hardware limits, 2. Programmable software limits, 3. Current limit
Positioning Sensor: High Resolution Hall Effect Sensor
Weight (Mount): 3.1 Kg (Net) / 3.5 Kg (Gross)
Dimension (Mount): 345x168x110 mm (Gross)

Price: 56 EUR