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Terra MA051

Compact splitband apartment amplifiers with separate gain & slope adjustments in VHF & UHF ranges.
Double band amplifier with 2 outputs and DC feeding
Terra MA051 Multiband Amplifier

Amplifier double band (1 INLET, 2 outputs) with intermittent DC supply via RF cable entry
separate controls for VHF and UHF areas
short circuit protection
amplifier dual band (2 inputs, 2 outputs) with intermittent DC supply through the UHF input

Price: 29 EUR

Technical specification:


Frequency Range

(47-400MHz) +


22dB (VHF adjustable
0 ÷ -15dB, UHF 0 ÷ -12dB)

Maximum output level
IMD3 = 60dB (DIN45004B)

105dB microvolts

Maximum output level
IMD2 = 60dB (EN50083-3)

95dB microvolts

Noise Index

VHF <4.5dB, UHF <3dB

DC power supply

12V 0.1A max

Power consumption

230 ~ 50Hz 4W

Dimensions / weight (in box)

78 * 118 * 47mm / 0.36kg
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