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Terra AB011L (26dB 5/12V) + LTE

Masthead antenna amplifier Terra AB011L is dedicated for individual or small shared antenna systems with up to ten or so outlets. The maximum gain of 26 dB in UHF band (470-790 MHz) allows for applications in areas with moderate DVB-T signal strength, the maximum output level of 108 dBuV (IMD3=60 dB, DIN45004B) enables the user to distribute the DVB-T signals to over ten outlets. The amplifier has very low noise, below 1 dB.
Thanks to built-in LTE filter (791- 862 MHz), the AB011L amplifier can be used in environments where LTE services cause problems with the reception of DVB-T broadcasts.
An important feature of the amplifier is a low power consumption (0.3 W) thanks to a dedicated power circuit (5 VDC, compatibility with DVB-T standard - EN 300 744).
The 5 VDC voltage is available in the antenna input of DVB-T receivers. The application of the AB011L amplifier instead of a standard amplifier powered with 12 VDC eliminates the need for an additional power supply.

Price: 26 EUR

Technical specification:

Key features
power: 4.5-12 VDC, 60 mA
gain (max): 26 dB (470-862 MHz)
LTE filter (>790 MHz)
gain reduction (26/13 dB switch)
small size cast metal case put into compact size plastic housing
Name AB011L

Operating band [MHz] 470-790
Gain [dB] 26
Number of inputs
Number of outputs
Noise figure [dB] 0.8
Max output level [dBμV] 108
Interstage gain adjustment [dB] - 13/26
Return loss [dB] > 10
Power consumption [V x mA] 4.5-12 x 60
Operating temperature range [°C] -20...+50
Dimensions / Weight [mm / kg] 89x107x43 / 0.18