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AirStar USB

TechniSat offers the optimal Multimedia extension with the AirStar USB for your PC!

Apart from the reception of digital TV programs via antenna the box is capable also for data services (dependent on it, whether data services over DVB-T are offered!).Support MPEG2,MPEG4.

Price: 89.41 EUR

Technical specification:

Reception of digital DVB-T television channels and teletext
Reception of data services via antenna (Multicast/Unicast, MPE)
5 V current supplied via the antenna cable, allowing you to operate an active indoor antenna without a need for a separate mains adapter
Plug & Play
USB 1.1 (USB.ORG certified)

Input Frequencies
VHF: 174 - 230 MHz
UHF: 471 - 860 MHz

-65 to -20 dBm

Channel Bandwidth
7/8 MHz

(WxHxD) 11.6 x 3.8 x 16.3 cm